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About Royce'

Q. What makes ROYCE' Chocolates special?
A. Distinctively Japanese, ROYCE' Chocolates follow the fundamental principle of producing chocolates based on 3 aspects: 'Quality', 'Originality' and 'Price'.

Quality through ingredient selection, production techniques, hygiene control and safety management.

Originality through constant confectionery innovation resulting in some of our signature chocolate creations such as Nama Chocolate and Potatochip Chocolate.

Priced affordably, ROYCE' Chocolates are distinctively original and of a high quality, available for daily consumption and enjoyment.

Q. Where are ROYCE' Chocolates manufactured?
A. Our factory is located in Hokkaido, Japan. Royce' products are made in a truly special place where it is surrounded by beauty and contrasts of all four seasons. For more information about Royce', please click here

Q. Are ROYCE' Chocolates Halal certified?
A. ROYCE' chocolates are not certified Halal as some of our chocolates contain liquor. However, the majority of our chocolate selection is entirely liquor-free and gelatin-free, made from plant-based ingredients. Please see below for a list of ROYCE' chocolates which contain liquor.

Q. Which ROYCE' Chocolates contain liquor or alcohol?
A. Some ROYCE' Chocolates contain liquor, like Nama Champagne, Nama Bitter, Nama Au Lait, Nama White, Nama Matcha, Petite Truffe Orange, Petite Truffe Kirsch and Rum Raisin Bar Chocolate. But, occasionally, we do bring in seasonal flavours that contain liquor. Just check in-store with our friendly staff if you would like to know more.

Q. How should I store my ROYCE' Chocolates?
A. Most ROYCE' Chocolates can be kept for 3 months or till the expiry date printed, whichever is earlier. However, please note that Nama, Petite Truffe and Potatochip Chocolate have an expiry of 1 month only. However, they must be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Please note that Nama Chocolate and Petite Truffe, amongst others, are also temperature-sensitive products, which must strictly be stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity, preferably in the chiller section of a refrigerator. But, why keep them for so long? Royce' Chocolates should be consumed fresh for maximum enjoyment.

Q. Where can I buy Royce' product?
A. For store locations in Singapore, click here

Q. What are Royce' opening hours?
A. These are their opening hours:

All stores are open from 11am to 8pm daily

ION Orchard
Raffles City
Tampines Mall
Guoco Tower